• How big will our cake be?

You may order your cake bsed on visual size or based on actual guest count. Cakes are charged based on SIZE + DECOR LABOR. Example based on visual size: "I only have 20 guests, but I want a 4-tier cake to look huge!" (the smalled 4-tier cake will fee approx. 90 guests, so you will be paying for 90 guest.). If you have a larger guest count we recommend having bakeup cakes that remain in the kitchen to allow the banquest team to start cutting early enough to get your guests served efficiently. If you order a cake based on guest count please size up. Wedding cakes feed more people because your banquet team will be professionally cutting the cake.

  • What type of payments do you accept?

We currently accept CASH, Checks, Venmo, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover. All order require a down payment in advance.

  • How do you determine the price of cake?

Cakes are typically priced by number of servings they feed + the LABOR for the design. The more detail or time required in labor cost, the more it'll cost. (Sometimes "simple" isn't so simple.)

  • What should we expect to spend on cake or desserts for a wedding?

You should provide 1 slice of cake or 2-3 minis for every guest, unless you know that some can't eat it. Budget for at least as much as you would on dessert if you took these guests out to a nice restaurant, then account for it being pretty and hand delivered.

Remember: You and Your Cake are the 2 MOST PHOTOGRAPHED AND VISITED SHOWPIECES at the wedding by your guests. You want this to be the MOST SPEICAL DESSERT of your life. You want it to taste great if you're spending the money on its beauty.

  • Do you provide a cake stand or display items for our desserts? Is there a rental charge?

YES and YES. We have an stands that can be rented out and if we don't have something you like it may be possible to acquire what you are looking for.

  • How long can our cake or desserts be outside?

Not long. SUN, Birds & Bugs love to mess with sweets. The best way to show you how long desserts will last in the sun is to have you put a stick of butter outside on a sunny day. How long does it hold its shape? That's about your time allowance. Your desserts will typically be set up BEFORE GUEST ARRIVE for the party. It's MUCH SAFER to display cake and desserts in an air conditioned space. If you must have an outdoor display, please provide SOLID SHADE for the cake so that it does not melt in direct sun/heat.

  • Can we opt to PICK UP our cake or desserts to save money?

YES. While we highly recommend having a professional baker handle your delivery, someorders may be suitable for pickup (by family, friends or wedding coordinators) at our bakery during specfic times.

NOTE: If we do not handle the delivery, you are responsible for the order once it leaves the bakery.

  • Do you deliver AND setup our cake/dessert, and is there a charge for this service?

YES and YES. Please send us the ADDRESS + TIME SLOT NEEDED for delivery and we'll provide you a QUOTE. Delivery prices are based on location, time required & logisitcs. (Costly logistics: walking a 4-tier cakes down the beach sand; entering a military base; outdoor setups without tents; some private homes; golf cart entries like Zoo & Safari Park; etc.)

  • Is it cheaper to serve Cupcakes?

YES. Cupcakes are generally delicious, inexpensive and fun!

NOTE: They do require a DISPLAY or tray-passing, so plan for the expense, regardless if we or someone else provides the display items.

  • We're on a budget: Can you help?

We do our best to work within finanical constraints, but PLEASE bring us ideas with a reasonable budget. Pricing is based more on labor hours involved than on cake ingredients. (Remember it can take up to 5 days of our time to create your cake, not including the planning phase. Please don't expect "Cake Boss" cakes on a grocery store budget.)

  • We just want something "simple" to cut and offer a sheet cake to our guest. Is that OK?

  1. Everyone has a different version of the word "simple". Please tell us what you mean. If budget is the issue we can see what we can do to make suggestions.

  2. YES, as long as we provide BOTH the cake and the sheet cake for you. This is a great way to keep your cost down if you are on a tight budget. It works best financially for parties larger than 150.

  • What is the difference between a Layer and a Tier?

Think of a classic birthday cake with 2 or 3 "Layers" with filling between hidden under frosting.

A classic Wedding Cake has multiple "Tiers" for height. Our cake tiers are 3-layers each unless otherwise designed with you.

  • Do you sell Cake Toppers?

We do NOT sell Cake Toppers.

  • Do you provide Fresh Flowers to decorate our cake & cake table?

As a bakery, we provide only Sugar Flowers in designs. You must order FRESH flowers from your FLORIST. We are happy to decorate with whatever fresh flowers your florist leaves for us at the cake table, but we need to know in advance to account for that time. If you have menu cards, flowers, candles, etc. that you'd like us to decorate the cake & table with, please confirm with us in advance so we are all clear on what will look great on the table and how much time it will require.

  • Do you offer VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE, or other Allergen- Free options?

We operate in a facility that works with all of these allergens so we are NOT a 100% allergen-free kitchen.

  • We don't know what we want; can you help us?

It would be our pleasure to help you, that's what we do! Please submit an inquiry and plan to come in for a consultation.

  • What kind of bakery are you? Do you have a retail storefront?

We work out of my home to produce delicious goodness and specializing in custom orders - which means Cakes are made to order from start to finish. We offer tastings BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Email: thistleridgebakeryandsigns@gmail.com

  • What makes your cakes so special?

You get to choose from light & airy cakes to more traditonal cakes from the past just like grandma used to make along with homemade icing and fillings.